Free DVD rentals from RedBox


To me, the best Daily Deal is a free Daily Deal -- That's why I most recently wrote about Wal-Mart's free samples.

Standing in line at a RedBox DVD rental kiosk on Thursday night, a wonderful lady told me that when I went to pay for the DVD, I should enter the promotional code "SHOP" to get the DVD for free. Sure enough, it worked.

Curious about this, I got on Google and found, which has loads of codes for each state. My suggestion: write down a few in case the first one doesn't work, and you should be able to get your DVD for free. Of course, if you keep it more than a day, you'll have to pay $1extra.

But if you have the discipline, you should be able to get free DVD rentals for as long as Redbox runs these promotions.

Now that's a daily deal.