Taking care of wounded soldiers


How many times have you heard news stories of wounded soldiers coming back from Iraq to financial hardship? Especially for those seriously wounded and those who can't return to the military, our hearts go out to them as they rebuild their lives.

Are you aware of the financial safety nets that the United States military offers to soldiers? I think that many consumers really don't know or understand what is available to disabled soldiers and former soldiers.

To start with, there is something called wounded warrior insurance. Basically, there are standard payouts depending on the soldier's injuries. The payouts range from $25,000 to $100,000, and obviously the more serious the injuries, the bigger the payout. This doesn't seem like a lot, but it can definitely help a family in the time of need or it can be the start of a savings account for future expenses.

The soldier then must be evaluated and assigned a percentage of disability. Medical evaluation boards evaluate the injuries and can assign a percentage from 10% to 100% disabled. The higher the percentage, the larger the other benefits soldiers can receive. While the evaluation teams have been accused of "low-balling" soldiers in the past, experts say the process is now very fair.