11 things to do on a rainy weekend


April showers have started early this year in my neighborhood. Rather than bemoan the loss of valuable recreation time, I'm trying to enjoy the rainy days. Some suggestions for making the use of the season --

  1. Photocopy your wallet.

  2. Find and review your will. (My last name is spelled Barlow.)

  3. Inventory and label your house keys. Make a collage of those for which you haven't a clue.

  4. Go through your family albums and insert notes about who those funny-looking people are.

  5. Google yourself.

  6. Order printer cartridges on the internet. Or do you enjoy paying OfficeMax twice the price?

  7. Throw away shoes that are worn out, and fill a donation bag with those you'll never wear again.

  8. WD-40 door and window hinges. A friend of mine sprays his elbows, but I don't recommend this.

  9. Pick three old purses that aren't worn out and put them on Ebay. Buy three used purses from Ebay to replace them.

  10. Down load something to read or listen to from Project Gutenberg. With 20,000 free books, as well as audio books and sheet music, you should be able to find something entertaining.

  11. Call somebody you know in a drought-stricken state and hold the phone next to the window so they can enjoy the sound of rainfall.