Judge Judy tells eBay con artist where to go


Doing some research on eBay scams tonight, I came across one of the best YouTube videos of all time -- Kelli Filkins appeared on Judge Judy to defend plaintiffs' claim that she had defrauded them on eBay by sending them a picture of a cell phone they paid $240 for. She claimed that the ad said it was for a picture only.

What ensued is possibly the greatest smackdown in the history of Judge Judy -- who tells Ms. Filkins that she is an "outrageous person" and tells her that "If you live to 120, you're not gonna be as smart as I am in one figure. You may weigh more, but you're not gonna be smarter than I am in one figure." Burn sauce!

Always nice to see the long arm of the law sticking it to a crook. I love Judge Judy.