Find me a brand new refrigerator


We need a new refrigerator. We need one badly. The old appliance was given to us by a scrap dealer. It works, but it seems to run absolutely forever and ever and ever. Yeah, it keeps stuff cold, but since we've had it, our electric bill has gone up about 10%. This thing has got to go.

The problem is that we live a very rural lifestyle and shopping for a major appliance means lots of road travel for comparison shopping. So I thought that since this wonderful Internet helped us make the money to purchase the new appliance, I should give it the chance to make the sale. This is where you come in. I am looking for opinions about brands, models and prices. What can you tell me?

Where are the best places to shop online for appliances? Does anyone deliver? What do those energy star ratings really mean? Which brands have the best performance ratings?

Here's your chance, all you appliance dealers and would be consumer advocates. My budget for the appliance is an absolute maximum $2,000, but I'd like to spend significantly less than that. Twin doors would be nice but not critical. We don't need much in the way of fancy interior bins. Now someone out there sell me a brand new refrigerator.

I dare ya.