Google gives non-profits

While operating a non-profit can be fulfilling, it's not always easy. After all, raising money can be tough – and, it's also important to find ways to save on costs.

Well, Google is providing some help. That is, the company has established a non-profit portal. You will find a variety of helpful resources, such as tutorials, case studies, videos and Q&As to help leverage Gmail, Analytics, and so on.

There are also some special features:

Checkout: You can use this Google service to collect donations. There are no monthly, setup or gateway fees (at least until 2009).YouTube: If you have some cool videos, you can have a YouTube channel. This can be helpful with getting new members. Actually, the videos will get rotation on "Promoted Video" areas.

Google Grants: With this program, you may obtain free advertising on AdWords, which can give your non-profit lots of visibility.

Keep in mind that – to use some of these services – your organization will need to be an official non-profit organization. If this is something you are thinking of setting up, there are some helpful services to streamline the process, such as LegalZoom.

Tom Taulli is the author of various books, including The Complete M&A Handbook and The Edgar Online Guide to Decoding Financial Statements.

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