Fraudulent phishing attacks strike Ohio banks


I just got an email warning from my savings & loan in Ohio. It said:

"We have learned that a number of Northeast Ohio banks are the target of fraudulent phone messages also known as "phishing" phone calls. The automated voice on the phishing call tells you that your account has been deactivated. The "voice" then instructs you to call an 800 or 866 phone number where you are further instructed by a real person or another automated voice to enter your account numbers. These "phishing" calls are NOT from Third Federal. Third Federal will not call you with an automated message and ask you to respond with personal information about your accounts. Do not respond to these calls; do not enter your account number; and do not give any personal details to the caller. "

Never, ever call back a toll free number given in an email or over the phone regarding your bank or credit cards. If you do get a fraud alert from your banking institution, call a number that you know gets you to the bank, such as the standard customer service number and ask about the email or automated phone call.

I'm sure this attack is not limited to Ohio banks or will be repeated in another state soon. It's a common fraud attempt. Stay safe. Don't be the victim of a phishing attack.

Lita Epstein has written more than 20 books including the "Complete Idiot's Guide to Improving Your Credit Score."