The cutest lil' parasites: 40 for $7.95


About a month ago,

I mentioned that Archie McPhee was having a sale on Parasite Pal Valentines. Well, now it's March, and they've decided to put the Parasite Pal Pencil Toppers ( on a sharp discount. Once again, the whole gang is here, including Holly the Hostess, Dig-Dig the head louse, Tickles the tapeworm, Blink-Blink the eyelash mite, and Zzeezz the bed bug.

While pencil toppers don't really have any actual use, they are incredibly cute and, c'mon, how cool is it to have an eyelash mite perched on the end of your writing instrument? Best of all, since Archie McPhee is only charging $7.95 for 8 sets of the cute little vermin, you can pass parasites on to all your buddies!

If your tastes range more toward the fluffy, you might want to take a peek at Giant Microbes ( These cute, fuzzy little guys come in the shape of bookworms, lice, yeast, cancer, the common cold, and an almost endless list of other diseases, bacteria, viruses, and parasites. If you buy them in sets, Giant Microbes offers a nice little discount. For example, their calamities collection, including the Black Death, Mad Cow disease, Ebola, Flesh Eating bacteria, Sleeping Sickness, and Typhoid is only $39.95; if you were to buy these diseases separately, they would cost you $47.70. While this isn't a world-changing deal, it is a nice little savings. The coolest part is that this is the one time in your life that you can give somebody Ebola without a lot of resentment and recrimination, not to mention hemorrhaging!