How to go through a lot of money in a short time


I've been going on and on about my situation. The debt, the mortgage, and trying to save it all. I never really spoke about how we got here in the first place. We didn't just wake up and *poof* had a house. No, no. That would be no fun. The story I'm about to tell you is worthy of a book, and it's just one chapter of my interesting life.

It all started about six years ago. We were driving back from Phoenix from a funeral. We were dropping my sister off when her husband came out and gave us the horrible news that my mother and step-father passed away in an accident. The vehicle they were in had a blowout and rolled over. This led to a lot of in-fighting in the family. Mainly the six siblings vs. me, the one who didn't want to take the route of the lawsuit. It took a lot of convincing from MANY sources to convince me to go ahead with everything, and four years later we settled the lawsuit.

I can't say how much money I got as my share of the lawsuit, but it was a lot. Not "go off and retire," amounts, but enough to where I should have been able to solidify my credit and save for the future. Needless to say I did neither.