Want your employees to work harder? Pick up a mop!

The next time you go on a job interview, you might want to start out by checking the bathroom.

When considering a job, most people focus on their pay, benefits, and retirement plan. They consider the personalities of their prospective employers, how well they click with the other employees, and the work that they'll be doing. However, according to a recent survey by Blumberg Capital Partners, office environment is a major influence on almost every aspect of employment.

For example, 69% stated that the condition of their office affects their productivity and motivation, and 80% stated that the condition of the office affects how they view their employers. This perception not only affects the quality of work, but can also affect how long an employee stays at a job. Some 33% of workers claim to have accepted or left a job based on "the condition of the building and/or the amenities offered."