Prom dresses under $60,

purple prom dress
purple prom dress

I never went to my senior prom. I didn't really need to. I had a decent job, a cool ride, all the prerequisite distractions of the day and a raven haired girl who was mad about me with my shoulder length, blow dried, sandy blond hair. I had no time for dancing with the crowd.

Prom time is coming however, and pre-divas all over the country are looking to purchase the perfect prom dresses to emblazon their dawning feminine images upon the minds of the young men in their lives. They'll be seeking those strapless dresses of taffeta and chiffon or spaghetti strapped creations of satin which wrap tight from bust to hips leaving little room for stashing even the smallest of cell phones.

So where does the next pop star's mother find the perfect prom dress for her princess without spending an entire weekly paycheck to get it? After doing a little research, I have come to the conclusion that one excellent source is I was absolutely amazed at the selection I found over there and the prices are perhaps just as pleasing to the eye as the dresses are. I found strapless and backless and v-neck creations which all met my approval. I saw satin and chiffon and lacy cocktail style dresses with ruffled hems and cinched waists. I found dresses which would flatter a girl who has not yet encountered her bust line. I even located selections which would appear to slim a girl who rides a little heavy in the saddle.

So, if prom time is bringing an extra expense to your household in the coming months, you may wish to consider checking out Even if you don't make your purchase there, you are bound to come across some pleasing ideas.

And, just in case the fella who is taking my niece to the prom happens to run across this blog post, I feel it is my obligation to make him aware; Dude, if you don't mind your manners and bring the girl home at the proper time and in the same condition you found her, life can become real interesting for a boy in such a small town as this.