The price is right (and wrong)


As a business writer, I think this book is a wonderful addition to the corporate bookshelves. As a consumer, I'm not so happy.

Either way, Reed Holden and Mark Burton have a book that came out this year, Pricing with Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table (John Wiley & Sons, 2008). Their goal? To help companies survive during hard economic times, which is good. I support that, of course. We all do. But as a consumer, I want them to leave a little money on the table, so I can grab it up. That's why I wish their advice was along the lines of, "Give everything away for a day. Your customers will appreciate your generosity so much, that you'll win over their loyalty forever." (Hey, it might work.)

But in case you're an owner of a business who is reading this, I offer you the distilled version of the book, some do's and don'ts that came straight from the authors.