And you thought solitaire was addictive?


I'm in big trouble.

One of my closest friends from college emailed me a link to, and now I'm considering breaking off our 20-year friendship. After all, he knows that I'm a recovering TV-holic. What is he trying to do to me? Wreck my career? After all, like many people, most of my work is done at my computer, and Hulu is an online web site that provides TV shows and movies for free -- good TV shows and movies. This is bad.

I mean, it's good, but that's why it's bad.

There are limited commercials, and I can't tell you what that means because had I watched an entire episode of Fantasy Island, the first show I clicked on, or an entire movie of Ice Age, I would not be writing this right now. In any case, the TV shows and movies that Hulu has to offer is impressive. They have something for everyone (I swear, Hulu is not paying me to write this... I'll bet they paid my friend to send me their link, though, knowing I'd be weak and gush about the web site).