Go East, young man! (that is, the Middle East)


"Go west, young man," urged newspaperman Horace Greeley in an 1851 newspaper editorial, and, well, if you're a history buff, you know the rest. Families, individuals and even shopkeepers packed their belongings into a wagon train, moseyed past the Mississippi River and pretty soon were shooting it out with Jesse James and Clint Eastwood. Well, something like that. I watch a lot of westerns.

Anyway, today, it probably seems like all the new frontiers providing possibilities and mystique are gone, except for outer space. But Larry Harding, the president of High Street Partners, thinks otherwise. Harding's company specializes in helping small and medium-sized American businesses expand their operations into other countries by helping them comply with local income tax filings and offering monthly international payroll and a million other things that go into running a business overseas.

And if there's one piece of geography on the planet that this Horace Greeley of the 21st century thinks enterprises and entrepreneurs should be rushing to establish residence, it's the United Arab Emirates.