Supercool storage watch: $39.99

Daily Deal for Tuesday, March 11:

Growing up as a slave to Bond films, my favorite gadgets were always the watches. Maybe it was because, like 007, I wore a watch, or maybe it was just the fact that watches seemed so innocuous, and the hidden lasers and grappling hooks were always such a huge surprise. Regardless, I used to drool over Bond's sleek, tasteful timepieces, as well as the incredibly cool items that they concealed.

Flash-forward a few decades and I generally wear the ultimate bargain accessory: a $10 knockoff wristwatch. They're a lot of fun, and I love the fake Movado that currently graces my wrist, but I still sometimes dream of a sleek, sexy timepiece that can kill a villain in a heartbeat, even as it hides secret documents.

While I might have to wait for a lethal watch, ThinkGeek has been kind enough to provide me with a cool timepiece that I can use to discreetly transfer top-secret documents. Their USB Memory Watch is sleekly designed, with a brushed steel and rubber body. It looks like a standard analog watch, but holds two gigabytes of memory in a built-in memory card. It accesses your computer through an on-board USB adaptor, which is cleverly hidden in the band. While it might not stand up to gunfights and car crashes, the watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant to 20 meters, which is sure to come in handy if you end up driving into the ocean (or showering with your watch on). Best of all, it is currently 20% off, which means that you can get it for the incredibly low price of only $39.99. It's a watch that Bond would be proud to wear at a price that would calm even Q's nerves!