Postal Service teams up with HBO to promote letter-writing


HBO and the United States Postal Service are working together on a marketing campaign to promote the upcoming John Adams mini-series and the art of writing letters.

Ya see, letter writing's popularity is on the decline because, big shocker here, sending emails is more popular.

HBO and the USPS have set up, a website devoted to preaching the gospel of letter-writing which is a good thing to do because, um ... John Adams wrote lots of letters and stuff.

I will be absolutely stunned if this marketing campaign induces people to send more letters. Here's my breakdown of the pros and cons of letter-writing:


  • Expensive

  • Takes lots of time

  • Bad for the environment


  • John Adams wrote lots of letters and stuff.

I'll stick with email. I know, letter writing has the personal touch etc. But for those of us who grew up with email, sending letters is just plain dorky.