Love shopping online but hate paying for shipping?


I don't think I know anyone who likes paying shipping fees when shopping online. You think you've found a great deal, but then you add on shipping and don't feel like it's such a steal anymore. I've rationalized that a few bucks for shipping is worth it, if it saves me the hour I'd take running to the store.

But for those of you that despise the shipping fees and refuse to pay them, I have your answer. A new website called "Free Shipping On..." gives you the opportunity to shop without shipping fees. Coupons for free shipping from hundreds of websites are available. But even better is the chance to search eBay and through the site, with the results including only those items that have free shipping!

So happy shopping without the hassle or irritation of shipping fees. And if you do use the site, come back and tell us how well it worked for you.

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