Five tips to buying prescription drugs from America's favored pharmacy: Canada


Maybe I should be writing this from an underground bunker. It's true that I have an overactive imagination, but I can't help but half-wonder if the American pharmaceutical industry will read this post and then send some overgrown thug named Knuckles to have a talk with me.

Because, you know, they tend to not like it when Americans go get their medications from Canada. But, oh, well, here it is.

I recently learned about eDrugSearch, a free search engine where you can shop for medications with vetted pharmacies in Canada and other nations.

These pharmacies are all licensed and accredited, and of course, the appeal to going to a web site like this is, as spokesperson Melissa Syphrett told me, "so you can be sure you're dealing with a true pharmacy and not a storefront selling fake drugs."

It does sound like a smart place for consumers to go, given all the confusion that can result from looking on your own for a pharmacy that has a non-American address. But if you do explore the Internet on your own, looking for prescription drugs sold internationally,'s founder Cary Byrd, who is based in San Antonio, has the following five tips: