Open House: Rock-Bottom Homes For the Taking


Looking back on the old days of bidding wars, same-day sales and million-dollar tear-downs, you just knew this day would come: All of a sudden, it's a buyer's market. And doesn't it feel great?

Wherever you live, there are literally thousands of homes available for under $250,000. But, I know what you're saying. Sure, it may be a good time to buy a house, but is there a convenient way to peruse these fabulous deals? Like, I don't know, an online slide show? Funny you ask: AOL Real Estate's new Buyer's Market gallery sends you right to the doorsteps of these homes, with photos, details, features, maps and directions. They also highlight 10 amazing properties from around the country, including up-and-coming hot spots like Raleigh, North Carolina, Madison, Wisconsin and Boise, Idaho (trust me, Boise is a hot spot).

During the boom years, if you were one of those wise and patient people who either balked at the high prices or decided to wait for lower prices, your time has come. Call your lender, break out your check book and choose your dream home.

B. Brandon Barker also writes for Political Machine.