Sharper Image accepting gift cards again ... sort of


After receiving a well-deserved trashing from just about everyone -- myself included -- for its decision to stop accepting gift cards in the wake of its bankruptcy filing, The Sharper Image has decided it will start accepting them again. With some restriction.

In a press release issued early this morning, the retailer said that it will accept all gift cards for their full amount but that customers will be required to purchase double the value of the gift card. So when redeeming a $25 gift card, you have to buy an additional $25 worth of stuff for cash. Partial redemptions are not allowed but the company said customers are welcome to hold onto their gift cards and that it is working to ensure that, in the future, you'll be able to redeem your card with no restrictions.

It seems like sort of a bizarre compromise but it sort of makes sense as the company looks to liquidate inventory at the 96 locations it's looking to close.

My suggesting: If you have a Sharper Image gift card, save until the company hires a liquidator -- That's when the deals on useless high-tech gadgets you don't need will really start flowing. Elvis robot anyone?