Donald Trump examines the full figured woman

I'm writing about women's incomes -- what were you thinking?

In a recent scan of Donald Trump's blog, Trump University, I read a blog post the Donald wrote regarding women who earn better incomes than their male partners and what that disparity can do to the men in their lives. Referring to a report provided by Psych Central, Mr. Trump admonishes the partners of women who earn higher salaries to swallow their false pride and examine the upside.

It would seem that being the husband of a woman who is the major bread winner can have some pretty serious health consequences for the man, at least that's what the report points out. However, it's my opinion that men who develop health issues because they begin to earn less than their sweeties are men who already have issues wedged somewhere deep within their mentalities and they should consult with someone about those issues.

From time to time my wife has asked me what my reaction would be if she surpassed me in the department of income earned. To that question my attitude and answer has always been: "Go for it baby!" In fact, there have been a couple periods in our married life when she has out-earned me noticeably. Check it out; It hasn't hurt me one bit.

I may be a rather traditional conservative type of guy, but it has always been my position that income potential should not be gender specific. Women build businesses, maintain households, preside over courtrooms, and lead entire countries. I may be wrong in my belief that it's perfectly fine for a woman to be the major bread winner in a household partnership, but you'd have a very hard time trying to convince me otherwise.

As a matter of fact, if someone out there is ready to offer my intelligent, hard working wife a job paying as much or more than the paltry wage my current employer pays me, I'd be perfectly content to retire. Just try me.
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