Britney Spears' family can't stop using her

A large part of the blame for former pop princess Britney Spears' troubled personal life belongs on the shoulders of the people who have exploited her for commercial gain throughout her career. She was forced to grow up far too fast, starring on the Mickey Mouse Club at age 11. As a teen, she generated controversy over her overtly sexual image and clothing -- chosen, without doubt, by people much older than she was, who were being paid based on her sales.

Now in her hour of need, her father has been charged with handling her financial affairs which, while the singer is still quite wealthy, are in shambles from an organizational perspective.

It would be wonderful if James Spears could just help her because it's the right thing to do -- she's his daughter. But sadly, even with the singer in the midst of what is by all accounts a breakdown, he can't seem to hop off the gravy train. A court has ordered her estate to pay him $2500 per week plus a car for his services.

Hasn't this woman be used enough? Can't someone -- anyone -- just help her because it's the right thing to do? If anyone should, it should be her father, who should have been protecting her from exploitation, not living off it, a long time ago.