Your next Honda might fly


Every time I play the fantasy of coming into great wealth, my first thought is private air travel. Just imagine waltzing past the hoi-poli on the way to my own jet, outfitted (in my imagination) in James Bond style, plenty of ancient scotch in crystal decanters and nubile attendants....oops. Enough of my fantasy life.

I am pleased to learn, though, that when the time comes to pick out my private plane I can stick with the manufacturer that has gained my loyalty through the dependability of its products, Honda. The new twin-engine Hondajet holds up to 8 passengers and is very fuel efficient, thanks to use of space-age materials. The price tag, a paltry $3.65 million, hasn't scared off my fellow fat cats. The planes are in production, with the first deliveries expected in 2010.

If you're in the market for such a sweet ride, visit your local Piper dealer, who will sell and service the Hondajet. I hope they have one left when my ship comes in. In red, preferably.

Thanks to Inventorspot