Sharper Image's 50% off sale


Sure, Sharper Image might not have any qualms about screwing over its customers who were unlucky enough to have gift cards[update: after outcry from customers, Sharper Image decided to resume the acceptance of gift cards on March 7] but if you're in the market for luxury-techy home products, it might be worth paying a visit.

The company's fire sale probably won't really get going until it hires a liquidator to conduct closeouts at the 96 locations it's looking to close.

But for now, you can browse through the products on the company's website that are discounted by 50% or more.

Of course, looking through some of this crap will remind you of why the company is in bankruptcy in the first place. Elvis Animatronic robot anyone? Anyone? Only $79.95! Regularly $299.95! Eh?

But this is a pretty cool gift for the baseball fan in your life: The Shaper Image Laserball: you throw it and it tells you how fast it went. Pretty good deal at $11.95.