Hey college students! Design your own internship


A piece (subscription required) in today's Wall Street Journal discusses a wonderful trend that is emerging: go-getter college students coming up with their own internship ideas and then pitching them to non-profits and corporations.

I love this. There's something sort of repugnant about college students scrolling through internship opportunities provided by the school, looking for the one that will look best on the resume. Coming up with your own internship ideas requires a willingness to do research, creativity, and a strong work ethic -- all qualities that would be attractive to almost any employer.

Given that employers hired nearly half of their interns from the class of 2006, designing an internship on your own might also be a great way to position yourself for the job you want -- even if the company doesn't know they need it yet.

The Princeton Review has a helpful article on creating your own internship.

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