Are you rich enough for your age and income?

Studies have shown that what really matters is comparative wealth -- It feels better to be eating Alpo off the floor while your neighbor's eating store-brand kibble than it does to be dining on prime rib if your neighbor has caviar.

With that in mind, I found a great little calculator on CNNMoney. Here's how it works: You type in your annual income and age and it tells you how you stack up for net worth compared to your age, and how you compare based on income.

For instance, the median net worth for a 38-year old is $44,875. The median net worth for someone earning $50 thousand per year is $109,975.

One caveat: The CNNMoney calculator uses the median net worth and median income. Using the average figures would provide much higher results, as you can see in this story from AllFinancialMatters.

If you find that your net worth is lower than average for your age, consider that most Americans are not adequately prepared for retirement -- and you're below average. So get savin'!