Poser 101: buy your books by the foot


This post is for all of you home decor buffs out there -- I'm unashamed to admit that I myself am one of you. That said, there are some popular trends that are incredibly asinine. Exhibit A: leatherbound books sold by the foot.

The Strand bookstore in New York City is a landmark for bibilophiles, and it ought to be ashamed of selling their souls to pander to booshie, culturally-sophisticated-wannabe snobs.. For just $400 per foot, they'll sell you "Beautiful antique leather books with gold tooling, mostly 19th Century books in good condition. Your library of fine antique leather books can be customized by language or color for a higher price."

$400 per linear foot too much for you? For $30 per foot, you can get "Hardcover books in good, clean condition. You may specify color and we choose subjects."

Here's what's so messed up about this: good decorating is about creating an environment that is a reflection of the occupant's personality. Selling personality by the foot doesn't exactly qualify. If your true personality is Baywatch and Keystone Light, you should try to find some creative way to make that work- because as good of a first impression as leatherbound books might make, sooner or later people will figure out that that's not you. And they'll think you're a loser, and rightly so.

Hat tip: Consumerist