MIA - What Happens When You Get Busy


While I would never compare myself to a soldier of any sort it has been a tremendous last ten days. We're planning, we're scheming and we're fighting with each other to plan out 2008 on Games.com. I could of swore it was a meeting of the Five Families.

What did we come up with? Well we're focusing on a couple of business goals for the year (mostly boring stuff no one who is a game player wants to hear about) and what our laser focus of the year is.

For everyone who reads this blog what does it mean? It means that you are going to see the Card Games currently in beta get pushed out the door and some changes to our poker games. The crew here is excited and knows how much all these games mean to you. We're also going to repairing the launch pad pages to focus on getting people the help they need for games when they aren't working.

On a personal note, I've spent the last week working on making visual representations of the tips we have for our games. You can see an example of the tips I am making here:
Bejeweled 2 Tips

Please let me know if you think the tips are helpful and what you think could be added to the images to make them more useful to the casual player.

Also, I am trying to figure out what games might be fun on a social network like Facebook or MySpace. Ask your kids and find out what they play. I think a Bingo Hall with all your friends would be awesome!

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