could save you bucks on dinner -- with reservations


Looking to save some cash dining out? The web site might be worth checking out, with some reservations.

The site sells discount coupons good on meals at thousands of restaurants nationwide. For example, for $10 I can buy a coupon good for $25 off my bill at Old Bag 'O Nails, an Irish pub themed joint near me. The coupon is good any time, and I can print off my coupon as soon as I buy it. Since we go there frequently, this is a deal.

However, not all coupons are equally worthy. Some restaurants will only accept them until 4 p.m., or with a minimum purchase of $50, or they exclude weekends, all limitations that make me unlikely to participate. According to's customer service rep, should the restaurant refuse to accept the coupon (due to changing ownership, for example), the purchaser gets credit toward a coupon for another restaurant. I'd be happier if they backed up their program with a cash-back guarantee.

Still, it might be worth a check to see if your favorite food places are included, and if the stipulations jibe with your plans.