2008 Comeback Stories: Cufflinks for men

This post is part of our series on people, places and things that have found new life in 2008.

Men (non-rapping men, that is) frustrate the hell out of jewelers. If we would only show the same enthusiasm for wearing jewelry that women do, imagine the increase in business! Accordingly, the industry consistently pushes the message that just such a sea change has already taken place, and we should rush to our jeweler to stock up on glittery bits.

If you asked a jeweler what one item he/she would like to see men embrace, I'm sure it would be the cufflink. The advantages are clear. They are sold in pairs, are large enough to justify a high price point, one size fits all, they can be set with diamonds and other pricey stones, and men traditionally own at least several pair that they rotate.

And finally, I'm seeing some evidence that this might just be happening. 2008 just might be the year cufflinks finally make a comeback. My evidence? Nordstrom and French cuffs.

This upscale retailer is, in my mind, representative of the stores frequented by the upwardly-mobile executives and the fashion-conscious. French cuffs are the style with button-holes and extra long sleeves, meant to be doubled over and held closed by cufflinks. At the moment, Nordstrom offers 15 different styles of shirts with French cuffs. There have been times in the recent past where these cuffs were virtually non-existent outside of tux and custom shirt shops.

Before you rush out to buy your loved one some cufflinks, though, check his closet for French cuffs. If he has some, go for it. If not, buy him a shirt first.

Maybe the day has finally arrived where American males are ready to make a place for a little glitter in their wardrobe. About time, imho.

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