Retro leather massage recliner, $360, Visiondecor Furniture

leather chaise lounger
leather chaise lounger

After a long day on the job, I like nothing better than flipping off my steel toe work boots and plunking my aching carcass into my favorite chair. I never actually get to do that because I turn on the computer and start blogging instead. However, if I did take the relaxation route I'd like a chair similar to this one. It would be the perfect refuge for my tired body after moving 4 tons of particle board sheet stock by hand.

This retro style, leather messaging lounger has a very attractive sticker price. At just $360 plus $35 shipping, it looks more attractive than much of it's competition. This chair has classic appeal with touches of tubular steel and real wood accents setting off it's black, top grain leather seat and back. The chair's chaise lounge styling makes it a real stand out among it's puffy and clunky looking cousins. The chair even swivels for perfect body positioning, right in front of the television.

With touch button controls activating a five speed vibrating / pulsation massage system, this chair is prime for end of the day relaxation. It looks great, the price is right, and it can even make you feel good. It just might be the next best thing to a cute, kind, and loving woman.