Maybelline Mineral Power makeup, $6.99, Target


The Daily Deal for February 29, 2008

is Maybelline Mineral Power makeup at Target.

Mineral makeup is all the rage, but most brands will run you upwards of $25. Maybelline mineral makeup in liquid or powder foundation or blush, is just $6.99 until Sunday, March 3rd at Target.

A few weeks ago, I tried a free makeup application of mineral makeup-all natural makeup made from the earth's minerals that's supposed to make skin look and feel healthy. I had heard of mineral makeup but I assumed it was a marketing ploy. I found an article on WebMD, "The Lowdown on Mineral Makeup," and clearly, the jury is still out on this one.

Meanwhile, my skin looked good after my mini-makeover. Not necessarily younger, but definitely better. Afterward, my husband actually commented that I looked nice. "Did you get your hair done?" he asked. A little off the mark, yet this was a product I obviously had to have.

But I didn't want to pay the steep price for the Jane Iredale products I tried, which run $42 for the foundation alone (of course there's a whole line of products). I searched the Internet and found a few products like Skin Escentuals at Sephora, for $25. Then I came across a review of various brands at the makeupmoxie blog, which claims Maybelline is the best value in mineral makeup. After trying it, I have to say, I'm a believer.