Donald Trump threefer: Nightline interview, trademark trouble, and Scottish resistance


As you may have noticed, I scour the internet several times a month with one goal in mind: finding stories that reinforce my distaste for Donald Trump.

This week, I have three for you -- all in one post!

First, in an interview with Martin Bashir of Nightline, Trump said that his confidence has increased with age: "You do develop a confidence, sort of like golf. If you sink the first putt, and if you keep sinking a couple of more putts and as the round goes on, you just feel confident. It's that way in life. If you sink the putt, you get more and more confident. And very few people have sunk more putts than I have."

But here's the problem: if Donald Trump were a golfer, he wouldn't exactly be giving Tiger Woods a run for his money. He'd be more like Happy Gilmore in the first part of that movie: shanking drives and missing 1-foot putts. If you don't believe me, just ask the shareholders of his Trump Entertainment Resorts company or the numerous other failures that he's lent his name and ego to.