Fortified water for dogs: some people aren't hurting for money


Apparently, the slackening economy isn't a problem for everyone. According to Advertising Age, the fortified water industry has gone to the dogs; literally. Fortifido, the new product from Cott Corp., is promoted as "first-ever fortified water for pets with real functional benefits." Those benefits claimed include joint, skin and coat health, and fresh breath. The drink varieties include peanut butter, parsley and spearmint.

The company is already a major player in the boutique water and drink business, with $2 billion in annual sales. The $40 billion pet industry is enough to make even the most dry-mouthed company slobber.

While I don't eat dog biscuits, I might be persuaded to try a glass of Fortifido; I could use better skin, bones, and minty-fresh breath. In the meantime, I'll be working on my next invention; fortified water for aquariums. Imagine the sales!