These stores deserve to close

Ever go into a store and think, "This place is terrible! The service/merchandise/smell is so bad, it should be shut down?"

Well, here's my list of those mall stores that don't deserve to see the light of the next One-Day Sale:

  • Macy's -- The service is nearly always bad, the clothes and other items are usually a mess, and the quality of much of the merchandise is poor. Apparently, the store brings in cut-rate merchandise to sell at its infamous One-Day sales, instead of actually marking down its regular stock. What a scam.
  • Rave Girl -- This teeny-bopper clothing store, with trendy clothes at low prices, was empty on a recent Sunday at an otherwise very busy mall. When I walked in, the two salespeople were busy talking at the register, and completely ignored me. The place also smelled like old carpeting. A sign outside announced 50% off the entire store - always a sign that the business is about to go under. The clothes looked cheap, and were poorly displayed.
  • Parallel -- This store is very similar to Rave Girl and appears to be owned by the same company. Although it was on the other side of the mall, it was also bizarrely empty recently, even though stores just next to it selling a similar type of trendy clothing, were packed.
  • Ciella -- (accent on the e) This trendy women's shoe store looked like it was about to close a few weeks ago; it was empty and dark. When I went back, there were shoes on the shelves and accessories, but the place had no customers in it, even though a shoe store across the way was full of customers. Ciella did have a bunch of teenagers hanging out on a couch, though, who appeared to be friends of the saleswomen. That didn't make the place any more inviting.
  • Geox -- Although Geox sneakers are extremely popular, the service in this store at a popular mall in NJ is often so bad, that it makes the list. A woman I met at the mall recently said she refuses to go to this Geox store because the salespeople are so rude. My own experience mirrored hers: the saleswoman at the Geox shop wouldn't even look at me while she talked to me. I had brought my son's fairly new Geox sneakers back because they had fallen apart (and at $65 a pop, that shouldn't happen), and wanted them fixed. She grudgingly took them back to be repaired, but said I probably wouldn't get them back for at least a month because the sneaker repairman had just left, and wouldn't back for a few weeks. She gave me no explanation and no apology. Well then. No customer, either.
Do you have a store you think is long overdue to close its doors? Tell us about it!
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