Sign up early to save on summer bicycle fun


Deal of the day for Wednesday, February 27, 2008:

Without question, my favorite way to vacation is on bicycle, and I've enjoyed touring a lot of the U.S. and Europe. Organized tours make this even more fun, offering the opportunity to share the experience (and the logistics) with groups from small (12) to huge (the cross-state ride of Iowa, RAGBRAI, has 10,000+ participants riding as a group).

Some tours camp, some stay in luxury B&Bs. Some are designed to test the limits of your ability, while others cater to families and have a sightseeing focus (The Great Ohio Bicycle Adventure, GOBA).

Whatever your taste, domestic or international, luxury or budget, now is the time to sign up. Many fill early, and many such as GOBA offer an early sign-up discount.

Riders from 2 to 92 take part in these tours. If you have a taste for adventure, there's one to suit you. The Bicycle Tour Director's Association offers a comprehensive list.