Dell Vostro 200 Minitower


If you're in the market for a computer, Dell's probably your best bet: You can mess around with trying to buy one at Wal-Mart, as I did, or some other discounter but for customer service and quality, Dell's the way to go.

Apparently it can be pretty cheap too: For $379, you can get a Vostro 200 Minitower for $379 -- regularly $629. And unlike most computers you find under the $500 mark, it includes a 19 inch flat panel monitor and all the software you need to get started: no Microsoft Word but you can probably make due with Microsoft Works, which is included.

It also comes with Dell's usual strong warranty/service deal and a keyboard and mouse. You'll need to buy speakers on your own but that's not a big deal: You can get those for $10.99.