Washington Post and Kiplinger join to bolster personal finance coverage

The Washington Post has partnered with Kiplinger to expand its personal finance section, both online and in print. The coverage will include everything from advice on saving for college tuition to the latest in retirement planning tools.

The deal comes hot on the heels of Washingtonpost.com's launching a bunch of new personal finance features, including "Ask the Experts," a column in which professional finance advisers answer readers' questions, and "Market Buzz," an insider look at Wall Street trends.

Russ Walker, Assistant Managing Editor at Washingtonpost.com, said in a press release that the exclusive partnership was designed "to present readers with the news and tools to help make informed decisions about how they manage their money."

Yes, and it doesn't hurt that personal finance is one of the few remaining sections of traditional media models that can attract big budget advertisers -- financial firms eager to tout their latest money management products, for instance. And like every other newspaper in the country, the Post is losing money: While revenue from the venerable paper's online publishing efforts has risen 11% in the last year, overall revenue saw a 7% decrease.