Strike a blow for retro: Bluetooth handset, $29.99


The Daily Deal for Tuesday, February 26 -- I'm not a total Luddite. I admit that cell phones have made life a lot easier. Once upon a time, if I wanted to talk to Grandma, Aunt Charlene, or a bookie, I needed to call from home or work or find a handy payphone. Nowadays, I can call from a bar, a club, the bus, the back of a squad car... I can reach my friends or family at almost any time in almost any place. Sometimes, I wonder how I got along without my cell.

Then I get a call from my crazy Aunt Jane five minutes after I go to bed, and I consider throwing the damn cell phone out the window.

If you ever find yourself longing for a kinder, gentler time, you might want to take a peek at the Think Geek Bluetooth retro handset. Just like those super-sleek earpieces that you see everyone wearing, this handset works with your Bluetooth-compatible cell phone. It looks and feels exactly like a classic phone handset and can be used anywhere within a 30-foot radius of your cell phone. Most important, in a time when phones look like a cross between a Star Trek phaser and a drink coaster, you'll have the joy of striking a blow for classic looks and style.

And the beauty part? It usually costs $49.99, but is on sale for $29.99. Good looks, convenience, and retro design, all at 40% off the regular price--what's not to like?