Natural funerals: Saving green by going green


A few weeks ago, I suggested some ways to save money on caskets or by using alternative burial methods. I was impressed by the response to these posts. Many people weren't too excited by the idea of being shot into space or buried at sea, but were very interested in finding ways to pay less for a traditional burial.

With that in mind, I explored a few funerary expenses and found some ways that a budget-minded planner could reduce the price of a traditional funeral. While you probably don't want to skimp on someone else's funeral, you might want to consider telling your family about how some of these methods could save money when it's your turn to go to your eternal reward!

Burial Vaults

One common misconception about traditional funerals revolves around the burial vessel. Most people think that, when it comes to a funeral, you only have to buy a casket. The fact of the matter is that many cemeteries also require the use of burial vaults. These are essentially concrete boxes that surround the coffin. They are usually sealed with plastic and/or metal, and they supposedly protect the casket from the ravages of time and decay. In fact, they can carry warranties of up to 200 years.

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