Is outer space the new frontier for the tourism industry?


That some businesses are working on space tourism isn't that new, but something that really caught my attention recently is that university researchers are studying this? It's not just NASA and members of The Jetsons fan club.

A report on this subject by two professors was recently announced by the University of Delaware. The authors, Fred DeMicco, of UD, and Silvia Ciccarelli, from the University of Rome La Sapiena, co-wrote "Outer Space as a New Frontier for Hospitality and Tourism." They would know -- Ciccarelli is a consultant to the Italian Association of Aerospace Industries, and DeMicco is an ARAMARK Chair in the University of Delaware's Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management Program. (Aramark is an international company specializing in food services for stadiums, arenas, campuses, businesses, schools and someday... space stations?)

So who will be traveling in outer space, two years from now? We'll give you the scoop. (Quick, someone bookmark this story and check back in two years and see if this pans out)