Give me 7 days, and I'll give you $2000!!

In my last post I told you of my problems. About how I love "things." I also talked about how I would track my spending for a week and post it here, for ALL to see. I must say I was a little hesitant in the beginning. "Do I really want EVERYONE to be able to see my bad habits," I told myself. I even delayed this post a few days while I tossed around the idea of doing this. But look no it is...7 days of spending...courtesy of the lax spender.

02/13/2008 breakfast: $7.
02/13/2008 Carlene lunch: $4.
02/14/2008 water bill: $132.
02/14/2008 lunch: $9.42
02/15/2008 lunch: $30.
02/15/2008 New Phone: $300.
02/15/2008 Shaq Jersey: $100.
02/16/2008 new phone: $360.
02/17/2008 dinner: $12.
02/17/2008 lunch : $34.