Give me 7 days, and I'll give you $2000!!

In my last post I told you of my problems. About how I love "things." I also talked about how I would track my spending for a week and post it here, for ALL to see. I must say I was a little hesitant in the beginning. "Do I really want EVERYONE to be able to see my bad habits," I told myself. I even delayed this post a few days while I tossed around the idea of doing this. But look no it is...7 days of spending...courtesy of the lax spender.

02/13/2008 breakfast: $7.
02/13/2008 Carlene lunch: $4.
02/14/2008 water bill: $132.
02/14/2008 lunch: $9.42
02/15/2008 lunch: $30.
02/15/2008 New Phone: $300.
02/15/2008 Shaq Jersey: $100.
02/16/2008 new phone: $360.
02/17/2008 dinner: $12.
02/17/2008 lunch : $34.02/17/2008 casino: $25
02/17/2008 hotel: $134.29
02/17/2008 tips: $10
02/17/2008 parking: $20.
02/17/2008 lunch: $17.48
02/17/2008 clothes: $39.
02/17/2008 clothes: $88.68
02/17/2008 gas: $56.55
02/17/2008 home improvement: $255.
02/17/2008 poker: $7.50
02/18/2008 Harley gas: $9.78
02/18/2008 dinner: $14.04
02/18/2008 dinner: $30.
02/19/2008 breakfast: $7.

Total $1,702.74

Now to be was tax return time for me. Some of those things I wouldn't ordinarily have spent money on. Did I need them? No...but I still got them. It was also Valentine's Day. We went to the city and got a nice room, had a nice dinner, did things we don't normally do. So it turns out this isn't the most typical of spending logs, but it does show some interesting traits.

What do you all think? There are definitely some other things I could have done with the money. (Emergency fund anyone?)

I am also setting a challenge for myself. For this week, I am going to try and not spend a single penny on snacks, lunch, water or anything the like at work. This means packing lunches...eating breakfast before I go to work. I think I can do it...and I think it will save me some moola.

Everyone reading my posts here has been SO helpful. I look forward to seeing what kind of tips I can get to help me out. See you in a couple days.
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