Britney Spears' financial life gets a little more complicated


While Britney Spears struggles to get her personal life back in order, there are also serious questions about the status of her fortune, which one former financial adviser estimated as being in the $50 million range.

On February 1, her estranged father was named co-conservator along with Andrew M. Wallet, a lawyer brought in in part to dispel the notion that her family is making a run at her money. This came when Britney was involuntarily committed.

But as the New York Times reports, it's even more complicated than that: "Another team of lawyers was hired for the conservators and quickly set out to assess the financial damage. Yet another lawyer was appointed by the probate court, as is routine, to look out solely for Ms. Spears's interests. Ms. Spears's brother Bryan, along with a lawyer, were given control of her revocable trust, which contains all her liquid assets, so they could begin paying her bills. And Ms. Spears's criminal lawyer, Blair Berk, was said to be overseeing the whole Humpty Dumpty-like effort."