Garden gnome shoots the moon, $12.95, Perpetual Kid

mooning garden gnome
mooning garden gnome

The Daily Deal for February 24, 2008

You've waited for him and he's here at last. A garden gnome in realistic full color is shooting the moon. As if the pose isn't great enough by itself, this little pointy capped pixie can be had for the astounding price of just $12.95 plus $5.95 for UPS ground delivery shipping. If you purchase eight of the little buggers, you can have them shipped for free! (limited time free shipping offer).

I found this whimsical gnome at Perpetual Kid by comparison shopping via the amazing NexTag website. If a booty bearing woodland citizen isn't quite what you had in mind for a garden pal, NexTag has comparison prices on thousands of other home and garden items.

This feisty garden gnome will be the talk of your garden. Your ceramic bunnies and wooden twirling cardinals will just love him. Your neighbors will probably turn green with envy. Even the mail carrier should get a chuckle. You can also take him to work and place him in your cubicle, but you might want to stash him when your boss's humorless lumbering footsteps approach your work station.

He's the perfect gift for your green thumbed friends who have everything and he can serve as a gardening reminder also. Remember that old gardening rule: Plant above ground crops by the full moon.