Suze Orman's Mortgage Meltdown special


It used to be that when people talked about short sales, they were talking about a technique that investors in the stock market use to bet on declines.

The meaning that's currently getting the most attention -- selling a home for less than you owe on it -- was almost incomprehensible to most people during the heady days of the real estate bubble. Homes going down in value? Hah! Home prices only go up, silly! This is America!

In a depressing sign of the times, tonight's Suze Orman Show is devoted to troubled home owners looking for a way out. So far (I'm writing this halfway through the broadcast), it's quite interesting an informative, and should be viewed by all home owners in a rough spot, as well as anyone looking to understand what has happened to the real estate market.

Here's the broadcast schedule for it:


12:00 AM, 4:00 AM, 5:00 AM (ET)

Be sure to watch for it.