Forty ways to avoid a traffic ticket, Part 3

Traffic tickets are not only expensive, but can cause an increase in your insurance, and every one moves you a few points closer to losing your license. With a little forethought and caution, though, they are avoidable, even if you aren't willing to drive 55.

Part three- if you are stopped: Courtesy is your best strategy!

23. Give the cop a safe place to park. This doesn't mean driving an additional five miles with the cruiser in pursuit, but pull as far off the road as possible.

24. Turn off your car, put the keys on the dash and your hands back on the steering wheel. Don't give him/her any reason to feel threatened.

25. For the same reason, don't reach into your glove box or to the floor or your pocket. Wait until you're asked.

26. Look sad, sober and respectful.

27. Shut your passengers up. One "oink" from your brother-in-law in the back seat will pretty much seal the ticket deal.

28. Don't admit guilt, but don't debate. You'll never win.

29. Don't explain to the cop that you pay his/her salary.

30. Don't claim to be a cop, the wife or husband or relative of one, if you aren't.

31. Be cautious about name-dropping; if you are really a friend of someone on the same force, perhaps, but never refer to your buddy the governor.

32. For God's sake, don't try bribery. Cash, cleavage, any type.

33. Don't accuse the officer of racism or sexism or any other ism. Even if true.

34. Don't threaten to call his/her boss.

35. Don't consent to a search of your car. No good can come of that.

36. Don't challenge the quality of his/her equipment or the accuracy of measurement. Save it for court.

37. Have a white lie prepared, but don't use it unless the cop seems to be looking for a justification to let you off with a warning.

38. Begging has been known to work, but rarely for men.

39. Crying has been known to work, but never for men.

40. Answer questions but don't jabber. Speak clearly.

In the end, of course, the best way to avoid tickets is to obey the law. Break them, and you'll eventually have to pay the price. These suggestions could help make that less frequent, hopefully.

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