Forty ways to avoid a traffic ticket, Part 2

Traffic tickets are not only expensive, but can cause an increase in your insurance, and every one moves you a few points closer to losing your license. With a little forethought and caution, though, they are avoidable, even if you aren't willing to drive 55.

Part 2- Driving

11. Know your neighborhood. If you drive the same stretches of road frequently, note where you see police monitoring speed, and expect to see them there again.

12. Learn what intersections have red light cameras. It's hard to argue with video.

13. Find a rabbit. If you need to speed, find a car traveling at the same speed, and follow them from as far behind as you can. Theoretically, they will flush out the police.

14. If you see one cop car, expect more. For targeted enforcement, a number of units often work in concert.

15. Don't ignore the "flashing brights" heads-up warning from on-coming motorists that indicate a police unit ahead. (and check to see if your brights are on, just in case...)

16. Hunt with a pack. On the freeway, join in a pack of drivers driving your desired speed, and try to remain in the middle.

17. Be conservative when you're the only car on the road.

18. Watch the semis. If they slow down, you slow down.

19. Choose your time of day. The thirty minutes before police shift change is said to be a time of less risk. The hour that bars let out at night is a bad time to speed.

20. Pay attention to the calendar. The first and last weeks of the month could be more risky in areas where police officers are expected to keep their ticket writing frequency up.

21. Look attentive while you drive. Get and use a hands-free cell phone.

22. Remember these words; faster than most, slower than some.

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