Cheaper than a PDA: Tattoo to-do lists


I missed out on the whole tattoo thing. When I was very young tattoos were still taboo, the province of sailors and low-life. When I was of age, they'd become too common to be worth wasting money on. Too cliche. Any gum-snapping high school girl in New Jersey sported a tat. Yawn.

Now that tattoos are practically mainstream, I'm too middle-aged, and too likely to kill my adolescent children with embarrassment by pondering one now.

But this has me tempted. A temporary to-do list tattoo. This kit includes 12 graphic "to do" forms that you can transfer to your hand, and a "skin-safe" washable gel pen, so you can write out your own to-do list, shopping list, or call list.

What an idea. No more losing lists when your PDA runs out of juice at the most inopportune moment. No more losing important slips of scrap paper in your purse. At last! A tat with functionality!

Until my kids find it. It could also be used as a really handy cheat-sheet for tests...