Offbeat eateries -- Nude platters at Hadaka Sushi


Tired of the same old Applebee's and Cracker Barrel fare? Well, fortunately, you're living in the 21st century, where choice reigns. We've pulled together some suggestions for places that offer novel dining experiences.

In the era of ever-larger serving dishes and Hooters, I suppose Hadaka Sushi was the inevitable fusion, especially in Hollywood. So if you've ever had the urge to have your meal served on the body of a (presumably) attractive naked woman, this is your place.

From the moment you enter the restaurant, the theme of merging the sensual pleasures of sex and food is apparent. Décor is heavy on suggestive accoutrements. The menu features dishes such as G-Spot rolls.

The hook, though, is nyotaimori, or female body arrangement, aka a banquet on a bun. At over $1,000 for serving dish (heh heh), food extra, the experience is not for the faint of wallet. But for the jaded, it could be the dining experience of a lifetime.