Most Canadians unprepared for retirement too!

Less than 14% of Canadians have a functioning retirement planLess than 14% of Canadians are financially prepared for retirement, according to Robert Abboud, an Ottawa-based CFP and author of "No Regrets: A Common Sense Guide to Achieving and Affording Your Life Goals." Savings rates for Canadians have fallen to historic lows while spending rates have hit all-time highs -- a combination that Abboud says is "economically lethal."

Am I the only one just a wee bit tickled by this information? For too long, my retirement age friends have considered moving up to the Great White North, where the streets are clean and safe, the healthcare insurance plans are simple, and prescription drugs grow on trees. (Come to think of it, there's a chance these are the same friends who considered moving to Canada during the draft.) Pardon the schadenfreude, but it's kind of nice to know our neighbors are as unprepared as the rest of us.
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